Unlimited Poke Coins – The Answer to your Problems

Pokémon Go, you have to go out there and experience this pseudo reality game to actually make sense of the whole craze.

You have to try it out to actually feel it. Well, with all the hype around it, there are certainly a few points to ponder about. While, definitely allowing you to experience the world outside and interact with several others, virtually, the point of contention is do we actually have the time to take us through the game entirely?

Why the time factor?  Well, the game requires you to keep having unlimited pokecoins.  Unlimited, because poke coins are the currency used in the game to fire up your team of Pokémon with various powerful characters.

These pokecoins have to be got either by using real-world money (in-app purchase).  Or, you are going to have one of your team (aka Pokémon) defend a gym for 21 hours.  It is only at the end of 21 hours, that you gain pokecoins on being successful at your defence.

You think you are ready to wait it out?

  • Unlimited Poke coins – Pros and Cons 

There is so much being said about Pokémon go, that the game needs no introduction with pokemon go hack for iOS.  A revelation in the field of augmented reality games, this has taken gaming to a new level, forcing even the so called non-technical people to have a go at it.

Like everything else, this too comes with its set of ups and downs. The favouring aspects include:

  • Encourages physical movement, thereby targeting fitness.
  • There has been a sudden increase in interest in getting to explore your neighbourhood and surroundings as Pokémon could be found anywhere.
  • Compatible with both Android as well as iOS.

For the not so favoring aspects:

  • There is always the safety aspect.  In fact, there have been safety warning issued to avoid venturing into isolated spots in search of Pokémon.
  • You either need to have a whole lot of time in your hands to actually reach up to concluding the game or you need to have loads of money to splurge buying pokecoins as you will need an unlimited supply of pokecoins to help you navigate through the game faster.